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Guest Assistance Information

Dear Guests,

With the excitement of summer upon us, we too are excited for whats is to come! Which ever property you have chosen to visit we are here to assist with any questions or issues that may arise. We ask that you please read following information to help with communications before, during or after your stay. We are here 24 / 7 for any emergencies.

The team here at Maid in the lakes wishes you a fantastic stay, one that you make fond memories with your friends and loved ones and hope that you will consider coming back again for future visits.

Dear Guests

Business office hours

Mon-Fri 10-6

Sat 10-4

Sunday emergencies only

Police or Fire dial 911


Should you need assistance Please feel free to reach out to us here at Maid in the lakes.

You can access our website to get your typical questions answered via live chat, emailing us directly through our website or at

Our website is multi-lingual should you need interpretation

Our guest assistance toll free number is 1-833-667-0886

in order for us to properly assist you we will need the adress of the property you are a guest at.

Our business hours are    Mon-Fri 10-6

                                       Saturdays  10-4

Sundays we are open to any guests via our toll free number who need assistance entering a property, if there is an issue at check in or any emergency. Please see below.

If there is an emergency where police or fire is needed, Please call 911 directly BEFORE contacting us.

If there are any other emergencies that does not require  police or fire please call our toll free number.

 24/7         1-833-667-0886

What is considered an emergency:

Anytime police or fire is called.

Property entry issues.

Any issues at check in.

Anything to do with an mechanical systems issue with the property you are a guest at. (heat,water, electrical)

Current or potential safety concerns or issues.

An early check out due to illness or injury.

A  last minute cancellation due to unforeseen events. 

What is NOT an emergency

Not being able to locate shampoo

Not being familiar with how a shower works.

If this is NOT an emergency please refer to the above information.


Although we are understanding of personal situations and the stresses of everyday life. We ask that when calling to please be respectful to our members. 

If you should call with anger we will kindly ask you to call back for assistance.

Although we understand our pets are parts of our family, it is important to read our strict policies regarding pet stays in order to deter any additional fees.

PLEASE NOTE: Pets are strictly prohibited at some of our properties. Please read our pets section for more info.

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