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Below you find typical questions that may be asked before or during your stay. Please refer to the below. If you should need assistance with other typical questions please reach out to us here CONTACT US.


Typical property rules at booking
(not always limited to)
- No smoking
- No pets allowed
- No events, parties, or large gatherings
- Must be at least 25 years old to book
- Please report any damages that occur to  your Guest Contact.



Are fireworks allowed.         

   Fireworks are not allowed at short term rentals.

   Kids sparklers are permitted.

Where is the shampoo located?     

we and place all shampooes and soaps under vanities for your use should you need them.

Are there beach towels?       

Your safest bet is to bring your own beach towels. FEW properties provide them.

How do you turn on the shower?  although most showers are self explainatory, dont forget to check the bottom of the spout for the pull down type.

Where do I get propane refills

If you should be with a large group and run out of propane there are several places to obtain a refill. your best bet is to google propane refill stations for your area.

Are sheets provided?

Sheets are provided at all of our properties.

Are towels provided?             

     Towels are provided at all our properties as a neccessity item, if you should be traveling with a large group we recommend bringing extras. We will leave out enough towels for the amount of guests on your booking information only.  

How much toilet tissue is provided   

  We will provide the appropriate amount of toilet tissue according to the number of guests on your booking info only.

Is there a coffee maker?

All properties have coffee makers. Some kerig type and some the drip type. You would want to bring the coffee you prefer or pick some up at the local grocer.

How many cars are allowed at the property

all properties have a specific number of parking spaces this information you can find on your booking information.

Please keep in mind If you are at a property where you are in a smaller community you must NOT park in other peoples spots in order to avoid being towed. Parking is marked at all communities.

Can I have a party   NO you cannot have a party, all of our properties specifically say NO PARTIES OR EVENTS this information is within your booking information. 

Can I bring my dog This information is within your intial booking information. Not all properties are pet friendly . The properties that allow pets charge a pet fee and have stipulations and pet rules to follow.

This means if you have not made prior arrangement then you cannot bring your pet. PLEASE see our pet section within the guest assistance page.

what happens if we broke an item?  Simply report that to your guest contact via email.

Is there a cooler at the property for day trips? None of our properties provide coolers but can be purchased locally or feel free to bring your own.

What happens if we do not follow the trash instructions? There are specif trash instruction pertaining to each property. If you should need assistance with this we highly recommend that you ontact us.

We ask you to please follow those instructions to avoid any extra fees at check out. 

What happens if we take an item from the property? This will be reported to your booking platform and they take it from there. It is considered theft by the local authorities.

Where is the pool located? All properties with facilities have a map in the welcome book at the property. If you should need assistance please reach out to us.

where are the tennis courts?

All properties with facilities have a map in the welcome book at the property. If you should need assistance please reach out.

Can we invite others to the property that are not accounted for in the bookinh? No, we have a strict policy on additional guests that are not awknowledged prior to your check in. If there is a question please feel free to reach out to us.

What happens if I spill something on the carpet? Please clean up any spills to the best of your ability , this is to avoid any pest issues and the possibility of incurring any additional fees. 

what happens if I leave the property in a disrespectful shape at check out? We always ask our guests to be respectful, as in your intial booking information. We ask for you to leave the property in which you found it. Please keep in mind that your cleaning fee is for the preperation of your arrival. Please note the bio hazard information in the welcome book at the property. Read here.

What happens if I dont do the dishes at check out? There will be addtional fees. Please utilize the dishwasher before check out. If there is no dishwasher please wash all dishes, and any pots and pans and put them away as stated in your agreement at booking. 

what happens if I use white towels to clean my make up off? There will be additional fees to replace those towels.

Is there internet service?   all properties provide wifi services

Can we check in early?   no,

reason being is our team members have a very tight schedule and we ask you to respect our social distancing policies as well as our schedule. This is to ensure the property you are to check into is guest ready and to ensure our team members as well as your family practice the cdc guidelines.

can we check out late?   no,

reason being is our team members have a very tight schedule and we ask you to respect our social distancing policies as well as our schedule. This is to ensure the property you are to check into is guest ready and to ensure our team members as well as your family follow the cdc guidelines.

what happens if we decide to have an event while at the property we are visiting? You may be asked to leave the property immediately, as well as extra fees for extra cleaning, replacement of items and such. 

what happens if we leave bio hazrards behind at check out? you will be incurring additional fees

what happens if the neighbors call the police with a noise complaint? please call your guest assistant , you may be asked to leave the property. and will be charged additional fees. 

We highly recommend that you awknowledge town noise ordinances most towns are 10:00 p.m but that doesnt mean there will not be a complaint if you are disturbing neighbors. Please be respectful of neighbors.

What if I have a question conerning our booking agreement? We ask that you refer back to the booking information you received from the platform you booked through such as airbnb. A booking is a automatic signing of an agreement.



Should you need assistance Please feel free to reach out to us here at Maid in the lakes.

You can access our website to get your typical questions answered via live chat, emailing us directly through our website or at

Our website is multi-lingual should you need interpretation

Our guest assistance toll free number is 1-833-667-0886

in order for us to properly assist you we will need the adress of the property you are a guest at.

Our business hours are    Mon-Fri 10-6

                                      Saturdays  10-4

Sundays we are open to any guests via our toll free number who need assistance entering a property, if there is an issue at check in or any emergency. Please see below.

If there is an emergency where police or fire is needed, Please call 911 directly BEFORE contacting us.

If there are any other emergencies that does not require  police or fire please call our toll free number

 24/7         1-833-667-0886

University Name


University Name


University Name

What is considered an emergency:

Anytime police or fire is called.

Property entry issues.

Any issues at check in.

Anything to do with an mechanical systems issue with the property you are a guest at. (heat,water, electrical)

Current or potential safety concerns or issues.

An early check out due to illness or injury.

A  last minute cancellation due to unforeseen events. 





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