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This information is a courtesy of Maid In The Lakes and is meant as a reference and to remind you in your education and safety on jobs.

 In order to be offered jobs by MITL as stated in your IC agreement we expect professional knowledge in the industry standards, CDC guidelines and universal guidelines for bloodborne pathogens.

As a professional cleaner it is easy to become rushed or complacent in our work.

Always protect yourself.

Know your ppe protocol and cleaners

It is the responsibility of Maid In The Lakes as well as any IC that does work for Maid In The Lakes to protect themselves, owners and guests staying at Maid In The Lakes properties

Below you will find important info in regards to any bio hazard that you WILL come across in your work please take a moment to review.

Per CDC guidelines in order to protect yourself it is highly recommended to wear a MASK and GLOVES and/eye protection while cleaning bathrooms.


It is recommended that you wear gloves while cleaning all other spaces within all properties, as well as handling trash and laundry.


If you do not know about pathogens here is a video

Blood borne pathogen training video

Bathroom Cleaning 


Please note you should NEVER use reusable cloths to clean toilets or urinals.

 In order to not cross contaminate please use paper towels that go immediately into the trash once used for cleaning. If you should need to use a cloth please discard it in the trash.






We recommend turning the bathroom fan on or opening a window while cleaning a bathroom.



Wear gloves and a mask

At any time that there is fresh or dried urine, vomit, feces, semen, vaginal fluids on walls, surfaces or bedding.

I ask that you Please report immediately to management or put in notes to let us know, so we can protect ourselves.

You will be asked for documentation such as photos as well to document in your calendar.This is in your IC agreement.

Laundry and BioHazards


 At any time that there is fresh/wet/or dried of the above on any laundry items please report to management asap/ Laundry must be properly handled to ensure your safety, our staff, laundry service and future guests.


Laundry Safety procedures that is required to receive any jobs from MITL


 Any bedding that is wet with the above should always go into the trash Please take a photo and send to management.

If dried and not much it must be labelled properly in a bag, labeled, and secured this must be labeled! (sharpie or tape/tag) as follows:

BH-Vomit, BH-Blood, BH-ect. With a Property name.

  1.  Call or a text to management (property, issue)

  2. Photograph prior to bagging and tagging.

  3. Bag and Tag. 

  4. Document within your jobs calendar.

  5. Before leaving the property, a double bag secured biohazard into a trash bag one tied the other not.

  6. ANY TRASH goes into the trash onsite.

  7. DO NOT BRING BACK TO THE OFFICE if it is a wet or fresh biohazard. Use the trash onsite!

  8. If dried and not bad it goes to laundry service as stated above.

  9. Any questions let me know.

10.Please acknowledge you have received and read this information.

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