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Although we understand our pets are part of the family we do have properties that stricktly prohibit pets at any time and will be no exceptions.

At the time of booking each property tells you which properties are pet friendly and which are not. IF you have booked a property that is pet friendly advance arrangements are required. Those arrangements include knowing what is acceptable and what is not while visiting a property.

The pet fee must be paid in advance.

If you are visiting a property that prohibits pets and you should bring a pet there will be a inconvience fee in adition to a pet fee seperate from the any penalties imposed by the platform that you used to book your stay.

If you should have a service dog by definition we ask that you please contact us. please submit ALL of the proper paperwork prior to check in.

Service Dog information.

If you should have a emotional support dog you must still reach out to us with your certified paperwork in advance (prior to check in, at least 1 week in advance)

Please note at the time of your booking there was information regarding owners of the property who have rules against pets. 

Please see below.


German Shepherd

Service dog information

Please contact us prior to check in

Emotional support dog

If the property you booked does not allow pets, then emotional support dogs are not allowed.


dogs in sweater
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