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As always cleaning and dis-infecting is number one priority when we prepare this property for each and every guest.


We take pride in knowing that our properties are safe and clean for our future guests as well as the current ones.


Out of respect and safety of our owners, staff and future guests we require all and any biohazard items if there are any, to be cleaned during your stay or before check out these items would be as follows:

Any bodily fluids- any fluid from the body




And such ……..

LINENS- Towel, sheets, bedding, furniture etc.

 please launder any soiled biohazard items while at the property and/or at check out. 

Note: Any heavily stained items will be charged back to the guests for replacement. 

There will be an additional fee if we should need to take extra safety precautions , time to clean, sanitize and/or replace the above biohazard items.


This notice is to remind our guests that even though we want fun to be had by all, we also appreciate consideration of the above.

If you should have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at 1-833-667-0886

Thank you.

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